UConn Honors or UMass Amherst Commonwealth?

Hello all, hope everyone is doing well.

I’m admitted to both UConn Honors (at Storrs) and UMass Amherst Commonwealth program, and I have no idea what to choose (these are my two contenders.) They both seem really good to me, I just can’t decide.

The cost to go to UConn with the scholarships is around $18k, while UMass Amherst is around $29k. I am intending to major in computer engineering and heard both school have a solid background when it comes to that major.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

where did you go? what do you think? My daughter has a similar choice ahead of her!

Not the OP, but they’re both great options. I’d choose the less expensive one, though I like the campus/surroundings better at UMass (I live close to UConn).