Uconn Nursing Help!

<p>I applied to Uconn for nursing and I found out too late that Uconn requires anyone pllying to this program to take physics in high school. I never took physics but I took chem, bio, and other science classes (forensics and human bio) I am also taking an EMT course. I really want to be a nurse and I got into Uconn but not into nursing since I didnt meet the requirements.</p>

<p>I'm wondering how hard or realistic would it be for me to go to the school and then get into nursing once I am already attending? Uconn is one of my top choices but I don't want to take a risk and go but then not get into nursing
Please help!</p>

<p>Perhaps you can take physics in the evening next semester at one of the UConn extension campuses or a community college? If you could pass it by June would you otherwise be eligible for, or accepted into the program? (A question you should ask before you go to the expense of taking an evening college course.)</p>

<p>I would think carefully about trying to transfer at any college as the competition for nursing is high. I have been told by administrators that they used to have slots for this but not anymore. Ask them that specific question</p>