UCONN or Richard Stockton Med Program

<p>has anyone heard anything from UCONN or Richard Stockton about their acceptance to the program? does anyone know when they're supposed to come? stockton has basically nothing on dates for their program</p>

<p>for uconn, i got invited for an interview for the combined med program in an email on 2/13, with interviews being conducted 2/23 and 3/1.</p>

<p>uconn's med program is great, gl to all with interviews!</p>

<p>r there any other interview dates?</p>

<p>for uconn, they said they were scheduling interviews only during those two days, and i think the final decision is supposed to be at the end of this week.</p>

<p>my brother goes to stockton, and correct me if i'm wrong, but i was under the impression they got rid of the bs/md program</p>

<p>haha i live right across the street from stockton...its the smallest school ever i dont think its all that great.</p>

<p>wait so if you didn't hear anything back from UConn by now, does it mean you got rejected?</p>

<p>(from the medical program)</p>

<p>yeah, they e-mailed for interviews a while back, and they just notified me today over the phone about the official decision. i don't think they notified people who weren't invited for an interview.</p>

<p>you know it's really kinda shady of them.... not informing people if they got rejected. i still haven't heard from them at all so i suppose i haven't been accepted, but when i called a couple of days ago asking what the status was they told me that admission to the program was rolling so i still had a shot. hmph.</p>

<p>rkm2008.. i havent heard anything back from uconn medical either. if its rolling. then i guess we both still have a shot? :( this sucks..</p>

<p>To Those Who Got Accepted,</p>

<p>Please share your stats as the followings:
State of residency
HS Rank
Essay, Recommendation letters, Interview
List of BA/BS-MD program that you applied
Others .......</p>


<p>I got accepted to the UConn Med Program, here are my stats:
state of residency: CT (special preference for CT residents helped)
SAT M: 780 CR: 800 W: 800
SAT II: M: 790, Chinese: 780, US History: 770
AP: 5's in Physics B, Calc AB, US History, and Biology
HS Rank: 1/381
Essay: pretty good, talked about motivation to be a doctor, what was special about UConn's program
Rec letters: same ones for college apps, no specific references to med program
Interview: went well, had to talk to 3 people. couldn't tell if one of them liked me or not, but the other two were very good.
ECs: mostly music-related, piano awards, concertmistress of school orchestra, volunteer at hospital, worked in medical records, accompanist for a bunch of things
Other BA/BS-MD programs: I only applied to the Uconn program</p>