UConn or Rutgers

My son is currently deciding between UConn and Rutgers. He is looking to study Business Analytics or Management information systems in the Business school. Rutgers is in state for us so it would mean less debt and being closer to home, two big benefits for him and prob the only reason he is considering going there. It also has a good business school. He really liked the UConn campus and everything about it. But is it worth the extra money for him to go to UConn vs Rutgers? Thanks in advance!!

little more info needed- whats the total cost to attend for each?

We are in state for Uconn, and for a really long time Rutgers was ds20’s 1st choice. He got in to UConn business school and RBS. Had RBS given any out of state merit $, he would probably be going there now, but he got nothing.

UConn is an excellent school for business and ranked comparably to Rutgers—higher on some lists, lower on others. I see them as relatively similar quality-wise, so if $ is an issue, might as well go to Rutgers. If $ not an issue and your student wants a more rural experience, Uconn is a great school.

PS—My S ended up choosing Umass Anherst/Isenberg. Also comparable, but got a nice scholarship and the cultural fit suits him best.

Ok RU is about 30k and UConn is about 54. OOS IIRC, not the op and those numbers are sticker price so OP can jump in w aid. As a UConn grad and a parent of a RU grad I am torn :slight_smile: but I do not think UConn is worth it at full sticker price, compared to Rutgers , at full price that is a delta of 100k over 4 years.

How much debt are you talking about each way?

Personally I am dubious as to whether “more debt” is worth it in this case.

Rutgers would be about $36,000 /yr while UConn would be about $49,000 after merit aid. I am a Rutgers grad and I think it’s a great school but I think UConn is a better fit for him. I think he believe so too but is concerned about the cost, even tho we will be helping with tuition, especially since the schools appear to be so similar academically. Is it really worth it?? ?‍♀️ I think he is also nervous with what’s going on in the world, thinking it’s better to stay closer to home.

RU is 30K , I know they say 36 k but you gotta be taking a uber to cape may every weekend for it to be 36k. they are pretty similar schools in the fact you gotta work to make it there, they do not coddle the kids, more so at RU. Better ice cream for sure at UConn :wink: but if RU is 30 and UConn is 49 the delta is to much IMO, and again I say that as a proud UConn grad who sent my kid to RU because as you say they are pretty close in the rankings.

$13k per year of “more debt” (which would have to be parent loans or cosigned loans, generally not a good idea) does not seem like a good choice.

I was thinking the same. It doesn’t make sense to take on so much more debt just because he liked the campus and basketball at UConn, when the programs are about the same. Thanks for everyone’s feedback!