UConn Premed program

Just curious, what is the UConn premed program acceptance rate?

@864346 Which program are you referring to? What grade are you entering from? There are the HCOP premed summer programs starting in middle school grades. Then there is the SPIM but that is the BS/MD program. For the HCOP programs I don’t know the acceptance rate, but the kids I know that have attended have enjoyed it and one I know completed undergrad at UConn and is at Tufts for med school.

UCONN SPiM has about 1,000 applicants, give 40 interviews and accept about 20 students. It is very competitive as you must first be accepted into honors and then accepted by the medical school admissions into SPiM.

Pre-Med is open to multiple majors, as is SPiM, and they provide guidance for classes to prepare you for med school. You do not need to be an honors student to be in Pre-Med.

@My5Kiddos Are you in-state for SPIM? What is the in-state vs out-of state make up of the program? How is the advising?

I haven’t been on CC for a while so I didn’t see these posts until now but thanks for answering!

@magnetnh I am out of state. I don’t know much about the program other than that it exists lol

Seeking advice on UCONN’s pre-med track.

How many students who apply to medical school get accepted at UCONN?

How are the advisors? How often do you meet with them and do they help you with med school essays and interviews?

Is it easy to get research as an undergraduate student?