UConn Special Program in Med v. Regular Pre-med?

Hello! I was wondering what the differences were between the Special Program in Medicine (SPIM) @UConn vs the Regular Pre-med? (besides the likelihood of acceptance to UConn Med)

Is one disadvantaged to be in the regular track vs SPIM in regards to opportunities, advising, and academics?

I read that there were certain classes were SPIM only and those classes mimicked a med school environment – is there any way a regular premed student can take such classes?

Thank you!

The classes are about the same for both. But Spim only has 16-18 students each year which students need to apply, interview etc
SPIM students do get an extra level of advising and a few extra classes/ activities but the course load is about the same ( orgo, biochem etc )

SPiM students are part of the Honors program. Pre-med students do not have to be honors students.