Uconn spring semester program?

So I recently was admitted into UCONN, but to my surprise they want me to attend the bridgeport campus for a semester and then transfer to storrs?
I had been aware of attending a branch campus for two years then transferring, but this is definitely different.

UCONN was and still is my top choice. However, I’m not sure if I want to go anymore. I feel like it’s going to be incredibly awkward and weird for me to attend a semester at bridgeport and then transfer. I don’t even think it’ll be that much cheaper, they aren’t giving me any scholarship money so it looks like I’ll be paying sticker price (I’ll be saving on dorms since I can commute to bridgeport though).

Meeting new people and making friends is also super important to me, and transferring looks like it would hinder that…

Has anyone done the spring semester program or know someone who has? Please share your experiences, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My son received a similar offer, except for Stamford. I agree it’s not ideal and you may feel as if you are missing out on the full experience your first year, but it’s not the worst option. The applicant pool is getting so competitive that colleges are needing to find ways to offer more opportunities. If you really want to go to UCONN, then maybe commuting for 4 months is not so bad. You could drive up to Storrs on the weekends.


My son was accepted for this program last year (Hartford fall/Storr’s spring). He felt the same way that you do, but has some regrets in retrospect. He went elsewhere, but ended up living at home in the fall anyways due to Covid, and then fall went by in a blink. Looking back, he’d be the first to tell you he should have given it more consideration.

From what it sounds like to me, UConn has a whole orientation for the Storrs spring admit kids who come in January from all of the branches, so there will be kids in the same boat for sure. There are also no guarantees that this fall is going to be 100% normal, though with vaccinations it should be much better than last fall. If UConn is your first choice, I wouldn’t hesitate. It’s an excellent school.

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I agree with @CTCape. I will say that fall 2021 is planned for in-person and will be different from 2020. Contact admissions and find out more about how they integrate the Storrs Spring Admission students and how they plan to make the transition easier.
How are roommates selected? Etc.
4 months goes quick.


that sounds like a good idea, but would they allow me to use the facilities in storrs such as the library and rec center?

I briefly thought about how classes were going to be with vaccinations and such, but didn’t think about it much. Thinking about it more now, I really can’t see things returning 100% back to normal in the fall even with students/faculty receiving vaccinations so going to a branch campus doesn’t seem as bad anymore. Thank you for your input!


I think last year and years prior they offered housing for these spring admits at Storrs in the fall with the other freshmen. They just has to take the majority of their credits in the fall at the branch- 2 or 3 courses. (commute to Hartford or Avery Point) Check this link.

This is a workaround that has you moving to Storrs in August. I heard many spring admits did this. There was also a Facebook page for class of 2024 spring admits. It may not sound ideal, but if you have car it really is not a big deal for one semester which flies by.

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