Uconn Waterbury.

<p>So this is what happened to my application:
Early Action
Got deferred to regular decision pool
Put in Waterbury for 2 years
Got a letter reducing it to 1 year
Wrote an appeal letter to be on storrs waitlist
Did not get into Storrs.....
Waterbury Campus reduced to one semester (100% guarantee to Storrs 2nd semester)</p>

<p>I don't understand this at all, if I get a 100% chance into storrs 2nd semester, why cant they let me in now.</p>

<p>Anyone know how Waterbury is, like the student life? Besides Good job to people who got into storrs. Still so bummed out on this..</p>

<p>Because a lot of juniors will be taking study abroad second semester so they'll have more room for you. This isn't uncommon, a lot of schools will accept people for second semester instead of first b.c theres just more room then.</p>

<p>Alright, i guess there is no chance of getting into Storrs anymore.</p>

<p>my son just got a call from UCONN offering him half tuition. I guess they will go down the waitlist pretty soon.</p>

<p>I am gonna keep my hopes up for Storrs until the end of May.</p>