UCR Business Administration TAG for Fall 2021

Hi everyone,

I am on and off community college for years. I am in my late 20s. I tagged with UCR for Fall2021. When I applied TAG, my overall GPA on TAP is barely 2.8. I have lots of Ws, ARs, Ds, and Fs. I got accepted to my local CSU, Sac State this Spring 2021. I tagged with UCR in Bus. Adm. I really really want to go to a UC because of its social connection. I am wondering should I study in ccc for one more term for my chances to guarantee admission into UCR or just not risk it and accept the reality to go to a local CSU. For Fall20’, I have a B in Econ Stat., C in Business Law, A in History of U.S. since 1865, and a F in Calculus Social/ Life Science. Thank you everyone for your advice. I am the first generation college student.

I’d head to Sac State and get on with your degree. At this point, you are already in your late 20S and being out of the workforce for an extra year is really expensive.

Make the most of the program, professor access, clubs, etc.
connections will come.

I graduated from CSUS (a long time ago) with both a BS and MBA. I worked for a few multi-national companies and was involved in the hiring of hundreds of people over the years, I was able to retire in my mid 50s. Trust me, it is a solid program and well respected through out the state and even the world.