UCR (Chemical Engineering) or UCSB (Pre-chemistry)

Hi I am having a difficult time with deciding between UCR as a Chemical Engineer or at UCSB for Pre-chemistry. But I want to do Chemical Engineering. I visited UCR AND UCSB and I like UCSB campus better. If I do go to UCSB what are the chances of me transferring to the Engineering department? And Which school do you guys think I should go to?

Well, Pre-Chemistry is probably going to be pretty basic. If you enroll in UCR’s program, you might be placed in more rigorous classes. This would be ideal if you didn’t have much trouble in AP / IB Chemistry and feel that you are ready to move into more advanced material.
I would call the schools and ask for more specific information regarding what their chemistry programs entail. Whichever college provides the most clear or specific information is probably the better choice.