UCR decisions coming out ?

<p>I logged into my S account today and there was a popup</p>


Congratulations! You've been admitted to the Bourns College of Engineering!</p>

<p>You have been admitted to the prestigious Bourns College of
Engineering in your chosen engineering field. The BS + MS program to
which you originally applied, is highly selective. Although you have a
strong academic record it did not qualify you for entry into the BS +
MS program in the Bourns College of Engineering.</p>

<p>Once you enroll and attend UC Riverside, you can reapply for admission
to the BS + MS major when you achieve junior status.</p>

<p>Again, congratulations on your admission to UC Riverside!


<p>And next to it was check box to accept that you have read it. I just closed the tab without checking the box, as I wanted my son to see it. Now, when he logged in (and I also logged in), there is nothing in site which indicates that decision has been made.</p>


<p>If I remember correctly, the decisions came out last year about this same time, by February 1.</p>

<p>omg that's so early!</p>

<p>Congrats that is really early. Results come out in one and a half hour. I'm so nervous and worried.</p>

<p>So they are telling us tonight?</p>

<p>As per their webpage yes


By the way, did we mention that admission decision announcements WILL BEGIN FEBRUARY 1? Keep logging into your account to check on your application status. . . we'll continue to post admission decisions daily, so keep checking your account every day to learn your status!


<p>Just got admitted!
I was so nervous, my heard was pounding and my whole body sweated.
I'm so happy.</p>

<p>anyone else heard their results?</p>

<p>Just got accepted :) with a scholarship! It is the Chancellor's Scholarship. First UC to hear back from. It is only 12:02 am of February 1st though :p</p>

<p>Congrats Nemo!</p>

<p>Thanks :) Congrats to anyone else who got in too!</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>I got in too! Woo :)</p>

<p>does anyone know when UC Irvine decisions are coming out?</p>

<p>All the other uc results come in March, not sure exactly when Irvine comes out though</p>

<p>I thought Irvine released some today too. I'm having trouble with the portal, it shows an error for admissions. Hmm.</p>

<p>yeah that's what i heard. i'm also having trouble going on their application status check maybe too many people are checking their status</p>

<p>Can't be possible as I think they are still giving supplements. I looked it up and last year they found out on the 1st of March</p>

<p>I got in!!</p>

<p>I got in undeclared life sciences and chancellor scholarship.
3.9 uw
4.2 w
1990 sat 29 act</p>

<p>congrats newyorkmydreams !! so u still planning to goto new york :)</p>