UCR FastStart

<p>when do we here back if we got accepted to the FastStart program in the summer</p>

<p>The lady said next week I hope we get it</p>

<p>Yes, it's next week when they tell you. I got interviewed by phone yesterday I hope we all get in. I just hate waiting for a response. :(</p>

<p>Yea me too
I got a phone interview too
most likely we will. Don't stress it.</p>


<p>queenivie reminds me of a username that I saw on another thread...were you on the Gates Scholars thread? I think you are a Gates Scholar...are you?</p>

<p>@angel0407 o yes I am a Gates Scholar... Are you?! Umm did you hear anything from the Faststart people?</p>


<p>Yes, I'm a Gates Scholar too! :) Wow, I thought I was the only Gates Scholar going to UC Riverside. The Faststart people haven't contacted me at all, have they contacted you? And they said this week! :(</p>


<p>oo me too!! I got an email from her. I didn't get in :( did u get one yet? I hope they made a mistake but idk!</p>

<p>I just got accepted to fastart today.</p>


<p>I got an email from her yesterday, I got accepted. Don't worry, if someone that was accepted to FastStart is not able to go, they will give the opportunity to someone else. So, you might get a chance. You should look into Summer Bridge at UCR, that was my second option.</p>

Congrats!!! I'm happy for you! Yea thanks. I hope someone does lol but
not you. But what did the email say. Did it like give u a date to accept?</p>

<p>Angel0407 guess what I got into the program!! I got the email today. They made a mistake. Yay!!!</p>

<p>@festus92 congrats!!!</p>

<p>SO im guessing ill be seeing queenivie, angel0407, festus92 abd many more at Fast Start:))))
Congrats to all of us:)</p>

<p>Hey lovebambi congrats!!! Yes by God's grace. Omg I'm just glad it.</p>

<p>yay:)) hmmm i wonder how everything is going to be like , who the rest of the group and stuff:) and ofcourse our new roomates. Im so excited, i believe its going to be such a great experience:D</p>

<p>okk question:) when you confirm by email, do they send you like anything back? like a thank you or somethingg haha:D</p>

Hooraayy!!! They accepted you! I'm so happy for you!! :) But, did they told you they were sorry or something? Oh man, I'm so glad you're going! I'll see you there in the summer!!</p>

I e-mailed them saying that I accept to attend FastStart 2010 and to reply back to confirm that they received my acceptance. They didn't reply. So, I figured, why not call them? So I called them and the coordinator answered. I asked her if she received my email and she said yes. Then I thanked her for giving me the opportunity to attend FastStart and said that I'm looking very forward to be there in the summer. Afterwards, I felt embarrassed for calling them, but oh well... If you receive a reply, email or a letter from them, please announce it here so everyone can be on the lookout for it. But no, they didn't send anything back when I confirmed.</p>

<p>Thank you for replying:) yea i was going to call but i get shy when i call people on the phone haha:) i dont know what to say but yea i think they should send something back that way we would know forshuree they got it:D i would gladly let everyone know if i were to receive something:S soo aree youu guys excitedd:DD???.. I am:)) hmm i wonder when they will send the paper explaining like everything cuz i need to know how much the parking permit will be since i would like to bring my car:O</p>


<p>Thanks! no but im just happy that im going lol. Yea well i will see you in the summer!=^.^= Do you think i should call them just to confirm?</p>