UCR GE foreign language requirement

<p>I'm a lower division transfer student who was admitted to UCR. I don't have an IGETC certification bc I was at a CSU for a while, and the IGETC doesn't apply to me. But my question is, do I have to fulfill the foreign language GE requirement? I completed 2 years of french in high school, but I don't know if they're going to count high school grades when I transfer, even though I sent in my high school transcript.</p>

<p>Anybody know?</p>

<p>UC's require 1 foreign langugage, or 2 years of highschool equivalent</p>

<p>I've looked around online, and all I can find is that a student can fulfill the language requirement by showing proficiency through a placement test. Will I have to take this test or can I just show them my hs transcript? bc honestly, i do not remember anything.</p>

<p>High school transcript is fine. I just took care of that exact same problem earlier today :)</p>