UCR GPA's/Majors

<p>I was just wondering what everyones gpa at ucr was? Also including the major would help as well. I'm an incoming freshman and I'm wondering how much more difficult it will be to keep a 4.0 compared to high school. Major: Chemical Engineering School:CNAS</p>

<p>It's been too long since graduation....3.67 or 3.76, Computer Science.</p>

<p>High school 4.0 weighted? </p>

<p>4.0 is not impossible in college, I hope you know there are no AP classes to help you boost your GPA. Personally I think it's hard since I never gave it my "all" in college after my second quarter my freshman year, I was aiming for B+ most of the time (unless it was an easier humanities class. Getting an A for every class would just be too much work.</p>

<p>I've had classes destroy me. I walk into a final with a perfect A from homework, midterms and quizzes for 10 weeks and get a B- because the final was harder than expected or I didn't study enough....It's easier if the professor don't do a cumulative final and all you have to study is material from the last three weeks, but when you have to go back 10 weeks, it get a bit harder.</p>

<p>There were a few times where all three or four of my finals were on Monday of finals week. really hard to study for that many finals in such a short time.</p>

<p>No my graduating gpa from high school should be 4.3-4.4 depending on a couple classes. Yeah I understand that there is no 5.0 classes in college as well as an A is different than an A- in terms of gpa. I am going to definitly shoot for 4.0 but man I've already started some of the summer homework i'm hoping it's not all like this! That's crazy about your final dropping you so much! I think I will try harder due to the solid 4.0 scale because in HS I would just shoot for an A- and sometimes due to error on my part it would end up being a B+. Did you graduate with honors?</p>

<p>Major: Political Science
GPA: 4.0</p>

<p>It is a shame that students don't get extra weight for achieving an A. Although humanities is easier compared to the other sciences, it is not an ease feat to achieve a 4.0 nor is it easy to achieve A+s. I have only achieved a few A+s, but most of my As were 1-2% away from an A+.</p>

<p>Your GPA depends on the amount of effort you put into the courses. It is possible to achieve a 4.0 in any major, if you are resolved enough to put in the time needed to realize that goal. Trust me, I know...</p>

<p>3.87 GPA, Chemistry</p>

<p>unweighted GPA in high school, 3.0 >_></p>

<p>in my case it was somehow easier than high school, lulz</p>

<p>although that's probably because high school has more general ed classes and I couldn't give a shet about trying hard in classes like English and humanities</p>

<p>Yeah that's good to hear, I'm glad a got a lot of cnas gen Ed out of the way with Ap courses! I can simply focus on my prereqs instead of pointless classes in HS. That's why I wish HS was a more pathed experience where you could begin work on your area of interest such as science, math or social science.</p>