UCR honors college email?

I got an email from UCR last night inviting me to apply to the honors college but idk what this means. Did they invite me out of a select group of students to apply or is this just a generic email going to everyone? My stats are above the 75th percentile and I was admitted during the first wave around March 2 but I didn’t get any of the Regents or Chancellors scholarships. And does anyone know any other information about this? Is it like the SDSU honors college where you have to take certain classes? Are there any real benefits or is it just a waste of time to apply?

Only top students get the invite and you do not have to be a scholarship recipient to receive it. Congratulations!!!

My attitude about Honors colleges is that best perk is Priority class registration. The website is vague, so I would contact the Honors college and find out all the benefits.