UCR Orientation

<p>Do we HAVE to sleep overnight at/around UCR or can we can we go back home after the first day and come back in time for day 2? I don't live too far away and my guest is busy so can't stay overnight.</p>

<p>Also, do you register for classes at orientation? Can you register classes before orientation?</p>

<p>One more question (irrelevant to orientation). I missed the first payment deadline for housing what effects will it have on housing?</p>

<p>Im pretty sure you can, but your still probably gonna have to pay the full orientation fee. Should call UCR and check.</p>

<p>Yes, on day 2. No, but you can check out the “schedule of class” to get an idea at whats available.</p>

<p>Not sure.</p>

<p>Well during my orientation last year, all of the orientation leaders blocked off all of the exits in the place where you stay the night, so you can’t leave. I think your parent might be able to leave, but not you.</p>

<p>Yes, you register for classes on the second day. You choose your classes beforehand and then you go to the computer lab and enter it all into the system.</p>

<p>And I’m not sure about your last question. You may not be able to get housing if you’re gonna live in the dorms. They might defer you to off campus apartments but I’m really not sure.</p>

<p>I don’t understand what you mean by “my guest is busy”, but it’s extremely impractical to go home. day 1 ends late and day 2 starts early, so you’d only be home for a couple hours.</p>

<p>I read somewhere that it’s mandatory to stay overnight. It’s part of the orientation. Only family can leave. I live close, but I’m staying overnight. You should call and ask before you make other plans.</p>

<p>If you’re paying the full orientation fee, take advantage of it and just stay overnight. Forget the guest, it’s not about them, it’s about you.</p>

<p>should we bring our laptop to orientation? what other things would people generally recommend to bring to orientation.</p>

<p>Do not bring a laptop, you will not need it. Bring shampoo, body wash, tooth brush, cup, tooth paste and other toiletries. No toilet paper needed. Maybe bring a couple bottles of water, but you get a lot of free bottles later anyways.Bring a change in outfit. Some pajamas, or whatever you like to sleep in. A pen (i remember having to fill some form out in my room). Cell phone and wallet. Alarm clock or use your phone.</p>