UCR Question

I just got admitted off the waitlist at UCR. I got a D in AP calc first semester and I got a C my second semester my senior year. Will I still be able to go to UCR? I just sent my transcript through parchment recently so UCR hasn’t received it yet.

The UC rules require you to notify each campus if you get a grade less than a C. See https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-to-apply/applying-as-a-transfer/after-you-apply/

Since you got the D 1st semester then you notified them months ago, so your admission was made even though they knew about the D. Bottom line, no worries.

I think at the time I submitted my application I had a C in the class. So on the application they saw a C instead of the D I got.

At the time of application, you usually do not have any Senior grades and if you have a final semester grade, you should have submitted that information. The link provided by @mikemac states after you submit your UC application and you receive a D or F, it is your responsibility to notify the UC’s. By not notifying the UC’s, it complicates your situation. If you are up front about the D, then UCR would have probably would have waited until your final spring grade to determine if you would have been waitlisted, accepted or rejected. It is all in UCR’s hands now and UC’s do not like surprises on transcripts.

so I should fill out the application update form to let them know I got a D first semester before they review my transcript.

I would still fill out the form.

You should be fine as long as you have fulfilled your A-G requirements. I was in a similar situation as you but they emailed me saying that I won’t get rescinded for only one D/F in a non-required A-G class.

I hope this helps.