Hi everyone,

I am on and off community college for years. I am in my late 20s. I tagged with UCR for Fall2021. When I applied TAG, my overall GPA on TAP is barely 2.8. I have lots of Ws, ARs, Ds, and Fs. I got accepted to my local CSU, Sac State this Spring 2021. I tagged with UCR in Bus. Adm. I really really want to go to a UC because of its social connection. I am wondering should I study in ccc for one more term for my chances to guarantee admission into UCR or just not risk it and accept the reality to go to a local CSU. For Fall20’, I have a B in Econ Stat., C in Business Law, A in History of U.S. since 1865, and a F in Calculus Social/ Life Science. Thank you everyone for your advice. I am the first generation college student.

as i mentored in the other forum, I’d head to Sac State now.

Good luck.

If you are still thinking of UCR, note that you must inform them of the F immediately.

2. Update your application, if necessary.

You can log in to your application to review and, if necessary, change your telephone number, email, mailing address or exam scores. You can also apply to additional campuses if they’re still open.

If there are changes to your academic record: If you add or drop a course, fail to earn a C or better in a course or enroll in a new college after you submit your application, log back in and update your information online. If you receive an offer of admission, be sure to confirm with the campus admission office that they are aware of the deficient grade or schedule changes.

After you apply | UC Admissions

Personally I’d wait to attend college (either UCR or SAC State) until next fall. The state is still slammed with Covid and spring is likely to just be online, but hopefully by the fall it is back to in person