UCR Transfer Fall 2021

She got an email and it said she was accepted. She checked the portal later.

if we didn’t hear back yet do we just assume we got rejected?

Major: Anthopology
GPA: 3.82
Bay Area CC
Applied: Applied to all UCs
Accepted: UCSC, UCR

Nah they’re going to be rolling throughout the month. We still have a long time left in April so don’t stress yet.

you get accepted today?

Yes, just checked the portal and it was there. Didn’t receive the email

dang i guess im unlucky

I got accepted to UCR major in sociology.

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just got accepted as a psych major, they didn’t send an email though I had to check the portal

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GPA: 3.2
CACC: West Valley College, 2018-2021
Applied Major: Economics, B.A.
Degree: AA-T in Economics and A.A. in Liberal Arts: Social and Science Behavior
IGETC: Spring 2021
TAG: Yes
Pre-reqs: Completed
Local: No, South Bay Area

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Acceptance email received March 15th at 6:48pm

I got accepted today , I tagged and it says this at the bottom.

Please note: If you have applied to UC Riverside and are seeing this message, please email the office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@ucr.edu.

Am I suppose to just email them?

update: I reloaded the page and the message disappeared lol.

3.2 gpa
Primary major: CS
Alternate major: econ

Did they just let you know?

Accepted by alternate major: Mathematic
Primary major: CS
GPA: 3.25
TAG: Yes
Completed all require courses

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no I had to check the portal myself

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My daughter was accepted today! We are in tears. Third time applying.
She wasn’t accepted into her psych major but for alternative biology.
3.10 GPA