UCR Transfer Fall 2021

This is a thread I created for all the new transfers for fall 2021. Someone please chance me. I have almost all perquisites done. Technically I only need to complete three besides intro to computer science I and II. And calc 1 and 2 and physics 1 and the select any three course thing. I obviously have my physics 1 checked out so that’s good, I have my computer assembly which is done. And then would need to take one more. I’m taking linear algebra, discrete math mathematics and calc 3, along with physics 2. Would that help my chance even better?

I guess i’ll get the ball rolling here.

School: DVC
Major: Computer Science w/ Bus Applications
GPA: 3.2 after TAU
Major prep: Missing 2 classes from assist.org which are financial accounting and 1 class from the “select three courses from the following” section on assist.
IGETC: Incomplete, 7 course pattern done.

I think my PIQ’s are pretty good.

did you get all A’s in the calculus sequence, that’s really important

nope. I only took calc 1, and 2. Got B’s in both.

Just got notice of acceptance yesterday!

I tagged for Economics with a TAU GPA of 3.27 and all my major prep is done. At the time of application, I think I was at 3.03.

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I was also accepted into the Biology major with regents!

Did you get an email or did you check through the portal?

No I didn’t get an email for some reason, but I just checked my portal anyway cause someone else posted that they got their decision.

Congratulations! Can you post your stats?

Thank you! Yeah sorry, I’m new to this site and I realized after I posted it that I prob should’ve done that lol. I’m coming from a CCC with a 4.0. I have all my required major pre reqs done except for physics which is recommended but not required. And I will be IGETC certified by the end of the Spring! Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you and congratulations! I hope you’ll love the school you choose!

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Brother denied. Psych major, 3.52 gpa. So Cal CC Associates Degree in Psych, IGETC

Kind of surprised- he had a strong app great essays and on-major ECs.

No email, just checked portal right now.

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Received acceptance email March 18th, 2021 at 2:05 pm.
GPA: 3.72
Major: Sociology
California Community College student
E.C’s: full time employment at a popular retail store, color guard coach, and minimal volunteer work.
Essays: Pretty solid, I must admit. However could have been better. Solid 8/10
Only heard back from UCR thus far.
Good luck you guys!!


Admitted to UCR for Creative Writing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Notified via email on March 18th

Major: English (Creative Writing for UCR)
Local or non-local: in-state, CCC transfer
GPA: 3.54
College Applied: UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCI, USC + those accepted to below

Accepted on March 8th.
Psych major, 3.67 gpa, and IGETC & all major prep were completed by winter. No tag.
My essays sucked so I’m quite surprised!

Accepted :slight_smile:
Major: Business Admin
GPA: 3.67
TAG: NO I tagged UCI
UC Colleges applied: UCLA, UCB, UCI, UCR, UCSD

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Edit: accepted for bio on 3/24/21 with no TAG

Same. I tagged too

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Accepted! (Daughter)
3/30/2021 4pm
Major: Biology
GPA: 3.57
San Diego area CC
Applied: UCR, UCI (TAG), UCSC, UCD, UCSB, U Nevada Reno
Accepted: UCSC, UNR, UCR

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Did you get an email or check the portal?