UCR vs. SJSU for CS Graduate School

I have the below admits for Fall 2021

  1. UC Riverside (UCR) – Master of Science Computer Science (MSCS)
  2. San Jose State University (SJSU) – Master of Computer Engineering
    Please consider:
  3. Job prospects post-graduation
  4. Internship opportunities
  5. Initiatives by the college to facilitate the above points
  6. Workload and pacing due to quarter (UCR) vs semester (SJSU) system

FYI I have a BE degree in Electronics & Telecommunication. I am planning to work on my skill development in the background as well. Please mention if you have feedback on whether the fast-tracked nature of the quarter system will make that difficult
Also, if you have contacts who have experienced these colleges and can share their thoughts with me, that would be very helpful. I have been trying to reach alumni using multiple ways but haven’t had a lot of luck
Thank you!