**UCR Waitlist Discussion for Class of 2025**

Thank You!
SAT/ACT: didn’t take any
GPA: 3.88
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Extra: I played soccer only my sophomore year. I only took 4 AP classes and thats including 2 this year. Only passed on AP test so far. Took honors for all possible classes.
Essays: Pretty decent, someone helped me revise it.

And I got off the waitlist today in the morning around 10 pst.

Son got off waitlist today, Math with CS emphasis , will be declining UC Merced, SF State , SJ State, UO, AZ State and Get off waitlist for UCSC. SLO is still waitlisted. All advanced classes in Math, no extracurricular , not sure how UC GPA is calculated, did not want to ask him. Wish this Industry was more reality and less hype. We have amazing kids, serious students , hardworking, they will do well wherever they go.


I got admitted earlier this morning & didn’t check it until like 10:30pm, so I will be accepted as a music major.
SAT/ACT: didn’t do it
GPA: don’t exactly remember but it was somewhere in between 3.3-3.6
Extra: I was korean club for 4 years, did choir for 4 years (technically 5 because I’m doing 2 choirs right now): 2 years in the beginning group (9th & 12th), 2 years in the intermediate group (10th & 11th), & 1 year in the honor group (12th). Also, I’m in Tri-M which is a music program for all of the music students (choir, band, jazz, piano, orchestra, winter/color guard & etc) in my school which the only year I did it for. I did take an ap class (ap bio), but I forgot what score I had for it

Omg congrats guys! I still haven’t heard anything backkkk:/

Me neither, I’m so scared. UCR is my top school otherwise will be going to Merced ;/

Anyone still waiting, don’t worry! If you aren’t in the first wave which is before May 1st or so, then the next wave will be around May 14th. That is the deadline for those accepted off the waitlist so far to SIR, so I’m assuming after they see how many SIR from this first wave of wait list acceptances, they will accept more.

I hope so :((

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Is May 14th the deadline to submit SIR for students? Including all accepted off the waitlist and all still being waitlisted students?

Still nothing over here anyone else get anything recently or heard anything?

Nothing for me yet

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Okay thanks!

Nothing for me either

I believe that deadline is for all the students not just the waitlisted students.

Yes, no news at all. My son has committed to another school but we hoping that we will receive some news from the waiting list. It’s been so quiet…:slightly_frowning_face:

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