**UCR Waitlist Discussion for Class of 2025**

Please post any questions or discussions involving the UCR waitlist for the class of 2025. Include any stats, details of previous years and other useful information you may have.

6,231 were waitlisted, 3,737 accepted the waitlist offer, and 2,770 were admitted which is about a 74% waitlist admittance rate based on C/O 2020 stats.


I’ve already accepted my waitlist option. Hopefully most of us get in.


And for 2019 it was
Waitlist Opt ins: 4,015
Waitlist Admits: 1,363
Which is about 34%.
Not to discourage people but I’m just saying that is a huge difference so tbh I don’t know how to feel, but definitely good luck to everyone!


There were def a lot more applicants this year so not all hope is lost.

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Absolutely. But to kind of look at stats for the reference of others.
SAT: 1250
GPA: 3.5 UW, 3.85 W
Primary Major: Business Economics
Alternate Major: Economics
ECS: Pretty solid with a lot of unique ones for sure.
Essays: Didn’t get any tutors or mentors but I’m sure they were pretty decent as well.
Extras: I did do a few UC approved college courses while in 12th grade for extra credentials.

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SAT: 1410
GPA: 3.55 UW, 3.7 W
Major: Bioengineering
Alternate Major: Data Science
ECs: Lots of STEM-oriented tutoring, one summer program for biotech, and some other miscellaneous ECs that were more community-service/non-academic
Essays: Had a college counselor to help with my essays since I’m average at writing
Extra Info: took only AP Bio before senior year, currently taking calculus AB and CSA

you guys know when we can receive an update regarding our status if we get rejected or accepted?

SAT: None
GPA: 3.51 UW 3.68 W
Major: Pre-Business
Alternate Major: Undeclared (CHASS)
ECs: Lots of performing arts, TA on Fridays during the school year and every day for a week during the summer. (370 community service hours)
Essays: Pretty decent, had someone read it over and edit it
Extras: Only took 2 AP classes and 3 Honors throughout high school

As late as June 15. It’s iffy since like you’d already be SIR’d to a different school and probably have already paid for housing and board.

More stats incoming…

Fall 2014 Applicants:

4,600+ waitlist offers
58% opt-ins (~2,300)
257 admits (~11.2% waitlist admittance)

Fall 2015 Applicants:
6,100 offers
3,700 opt-ins
2,762 admits (~75% waitlist admittance)

Yeah, it is quite variant so we just have to hope it is in the 75% range again this year. Also for the decisions, I saw lots of people in the Class of 2024 decisions get waitlisted on the 26th of March and then get their acceptances in mid-April, but yes as late as June 15 is what all schools say.

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If we get end up getting accepted off the waitlist and have already committed to another school, can we rescind our offer or is it just taking a bet to hope we get accepted?

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Waitlisted too. Ugh

Rescind the SIR? Yea you can do that. The $250 is nonrefundable though for the SIR you sent to the first school.

Daughter waitlisted
3.5 UW/3.8 weighted
Undeclared- Life Science

We already accepted the waitlist option but what does the “Make My Decision” button mean?

Hey, so after I had accepted to op in for waitlist I got a window that said I will be emailed with more information in four days. Did anyone else get this message? I was waitlisted for mechanical engineering.

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We got the same message, not sure what it means.
I’m also wondering what the make my decision button means.

Oh you just click on it and you can op into the waitlist

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Yeah its meant for those that choose to opt in at a later time. If you opt in immediately through the pop up notification then you’re set! Good luck to your daughter and everyone else

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