**UCR Waitlist Discussion for Class of 2025**

She basically shared that UCR was her top choice, let them know her current gpa this semester and how she maintained her leadership school activities during covid.

She also shared that she was interested in the various research opportunities can provide.


Any luck ? My son is also thinking the same

She has submitted request for change of Major on the portal. Probably will take some time before we hear back

Thank you so much !

I am a student still on the waitlist. Is there anyone still on it? I have seen everyone on this forum get off. Do you think there might be another wave… I am scared.

I am still on it as well and I am hoping that there is another wave… the best thing to do is to check the portal daily. Good Luck!

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have you guys heard of anything yet ?

There should be at least 1-2 more waves since a lot of kids SIRed UCR are waiting for UCLA, UCI, and UCSD including myself.

thank you .

I’m guessing you’re in Southern California, because the same could be said of Berkeley and Davis. As far as I know, Davis has not admitted anyone from the waitlist. UCSC has admitted some, and that could also free up UCR spots.

hi i know that the deadline for the ucr waitlist acceptances is June 15, but it’s been really quiet recently so i was wondering if anyone else was still on the waitlist? and if the waves have stopped at this point? :frowning:

I think they did, since nothing is coming out now.

Hi guys. I am an upcoming freshman majoring in Biology. I have received few scholarships from UCR, but I am still in waitlist. Are there other people like me who are still waiting in the waitlist(or have recently got off the waitlist)?

I am still in waitlist for UCR as well as CSUF. But CSUF will be announcing in July 15th. I am majoring in chem. I’m hoping they accept us :slight_smile:

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I am still on waitlist for CS BS+MS program. Hope to get off soon.

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I hope so man.

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