UCs and Privates! Low test scores. (chance back)

<p>Here are the colleges I'm applying to:
-UC Berkeley
-UC San Diego
-UC Davis
-UC Santa Barbara
-John Hopkins
-North Carolina State</p>

<p>Going into Pre-Med, most likely Majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Psychology
(for the schools that don't have BME, majoring in Neuroscience)</p>

<p>SAT 1: R-600, M-610, W-440
R-500, M-640, W-640
SAT 2: BioE- 570
Math2- 600 (timing really got to me >.<)
USHistory- 540(I hate history)
*retaking all in December
ACT: 25
*retaking in December
Grades (did not put + or - on transcripts)
9: Geometry Honors- A,A
Biology Honors- A,A
Language Arts Honors- A,A
Health- A,A
Computer Applications in Math and Science- A,A
10: Algebra 2 Honors- A,A
Chemistry Honors- A,A
Language Arts Honors- A,A
World History Honors- A,A
Trigonometry (no honors available)- A,A
French 1- A,A
Music&Art in the Age of Technology- A,A
new school!
11: AP U.S. History- B(getting grade changed to A),A (3)
AP Physics B- B,A (2)
AP Calculus AB- A,A (3)
Language Arts- A,A
Marketing- A,A
French 2- B(half a freaking percent from an A -.-), A
12: AP Calculus BC
AP Microeconomics/ AP Government
Academic Tutor(self studying AP Physics B to retake test)
AP Literature
AP Psychology</p>

Key Club- 9, 11, (only about 10 hours)
CSF- 10, 11, 12( Vice President)
Millennium Project- 9, 10(Vice President) *my new school didn't have this (about 50 hours)
JV Volleyball- 9, 10( captain)
Varsity Volleyball- 10, 11, 12 (going to be captain)
JV Cross Country- 9, 10
JV Track and Field- 9
Interact Club- 12 (about 20 hours)
Quidditch Club- 12
French Club- 10
Math Tutoring- 9, 10, 11, 12 (about 20 hours)</p>

JV Volleyball Most Improved (9)
JV Volleyball Scholar Athlete (9)
JV Volleyball Coach's Award (10)
JV Volleyball Scholar Athlete (10)
JV Volleyball Suburban League Champions (10)
JV Volleyball Pioneer Tournament 3rd place (10)
Varsity Volleyball CIF 1st Round (10)
Varsity Volleyball LA Watts Tournament 3rd place (10)
Varsity Volleyball Scholar Athlete (11)
JV Cross Country Bell Gardens Medalist (9)
JV Cross Country Scholar Athlete (9)
JV Track Scholar Athlete (9)
Millennium Club Battle of the Schools LA Recycling Winner (9 and 10)
Millennium Club Pomona Agricultural Fair Poster and Garden Winner (9 and 10)
Top 20 Award (9 and 10)
Distinguished AP Calculus Student (11)
100% Homework (11)
Student of the Month for AP Calculus (11)
Student of the Month for AP Physics (11)
Academic Excellence in French 2 (11)
Academic Excellence in Yearbook (12)
Rank 6 (9)
Rank 2 (10)
Rank 8 (11) *more competitive new school</p>

<p>Other Things To Know:
Half Mexican/ Half Salvadorian Male
First Generation College
Martial Arts Defense for 6 years (won some medals)
Participates in Mud Runs
Spanish was my first language
Moved to a better public school Junior Year with about 2,200 in population
Weighted GPA: 4.45
Unweighted GPA: 3.85
Yearbook Layout Editor and Business Manager
Eldest Child (big age gap)
Jetskiing is my relaxing hobby (since 5 years old)
Hopes to become an Anesthesiologist</p>

<p>Thanks! I'll try to chance back(:</p>

<p>Is the weighted GPA you UC GPA? Nice! I think 4.4-4.5 is the highest UC GPA possible (although I've heard UCLA and Cal don't cap it).I don't "chance", but outside of UC's, your SAT and SAT2's seem below average for some of your schools( i.e. Duke, Stamford, NYU.).They might even call some of those A's into question. Do you have a financial safety.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>