UC's and that sort

<p>Hello. I'm a high school junior planning to apply to the following colleges. Please rate my chances and link to your post so I can rate yours.</p>

<p>Schools: (as a Computer Science Major)</p>

U of Chicago
Carnegie Mellon


<p>Pre 9th Summer:
Health - A</p>

<p>9th Grade:
H - Non-Western Culture (World History) - A
H - English I - A
French I - A
H - Algebra II - B
H - Biology - B
Computer Algorithms/Programming - A
Cross Country/Track - A</p>

<p>Pre 10th Summer:
History of Motion Pictures - A</p>

<p>10th Grade:
H - AP European History - A
H - English II - B
French II - A
Pre-calculus - A
H - Chemistry - B
H - AP Computer Science - A
Cross Country/Track</p>

<p>Pre 11th Summer:
Robotics/Game Programming (NO GRADE)
Volunteered teaching computer competency to low income families (65 hours)</p>

<p>11th Grade: (Projected Grades)
H - AP Biology - B
Physics - A
H - AP USH - A
H - AP English Lang and Comp - B
H - AP Calculus AB - A
H - IB French III - A
H - IB Computer Science - A</p>

<p>Pre 12th Summer:
Computer Science internship at Raytheon Engineering</p>

<p>12th Grade: (Projected Grades)
H - Theory of Knowledge IB - A
H - IB Discrete Mathematics - A
H - AP Gov/Econ - A
H - AP Calculus BC - B
H - IB French IV - A
H - AP English Lit and Comp - B
Cross Country/Track (Varsity)</p>

Cross Country and Track
Various Programming Competitions
Internship at Raytheon (150 Hours)
Volunteering at Community Center
Rubik's Cube Competitions
Robotics Club
Theoretical Programming Club
Computer Science tutor at school
Developed two elaborate programs (1 for a library, 1 for the community center)
Ran a marathon
CSF Member
Tutor one person in Computer Logic and two in AP CompSci
1st place at fbla nationals in desktop app. programming
member of Academic Decathlon
I wrote a 4,000 word extended IB essay on cryptography (with guidance from a Carnegie Mellon Professor at school of SCS)</p>

<p>Misc Info:
1st Decile Ranking
School is in top 30 in US
Extremely rigorous and competitive learning environment
Asian - Indian</p>

<li>= Projected</li>

<p>Sat I - 2230
PSAT - 212*
Sat II:
Math II - 770
Physics - 760*
USH - 800*
Biology - 760*
French - 760*</p>

<p>ACT - 33*</p>

<p>GPA: 4.3-4.5 (WEIGHTED)
3.6-3.8 (UW)</p>

<p>FULL IB Diploma</p>

<p>3 Units of Calculus at CSUFullerton</p>

<p>Thank you. Also if you could suggest better matches for me that would be nice too.</p>

<p>I will chance you ASAP</p>

<p>UCI- Safety
U of Chicago-Match
Carnegie Mellon-Match
Cornell- Reach
Stanford- Reach</p>

<p>The only reason why i put the last two as reaches is because i know some people who have recieved rejection letters from Stanford and Cornell with over a 2300 and a 34. Ivie's are so unpredictable</p>