UCs and USC

<p>Hi, I'm a senior from California (a potential Poli Sci or IR major) who would like to know his chances at UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCSB, UCR, and USC.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.6 (UW) / 3.82 (UC) / 4.1 (High School) - My UC GPA looks low because the system only gives extra credit for a total of eight honors and AP semesters taken during sophomore and junior years, while I had taken a grand total of 16 semesters.</p>

<p>Class Rank: 30 / 601</p>

<p>SAT I: 710 (M) / 730 (V)</p>

<p>SAT II: 640 Writing / 650 Math IC / 740 US History - Retaking Math and Writing in November. I anticipate scores above 700 for both tests.</p>

<p>AP's: I took European History sophomore year (got a 4 on the test) and took English Language (5), US History (4), Chemistry (4), and Calculus AB (4) during my junior year. This year, I am taking AP Statistics, Biology, Psychology, and English Literature.</p>

<p>Honors Courses: Freshman year, I took Honors Biology and Literature. Sophomore year, I took Honors Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, and World Literature. This year, I am taking Honors American Government, because AP Government was not offered.</p>

<p>EC's: I have been a devoted member of Academic Decathlon, the Computer Club, Chess Club, and the California Scholarship Federation since freshman year. I have been Treasurer for Academic Decathlon and Vice President of Computer Club.</p>

<p>Volunteering: I spent some time this summer at a local convalescent center and created strong relationships with many patients and employees there. Through my experiences there, I have left myself a great deal of things important to me to discuss in my essays.</p>

<p>Just my humble opinion:</p>

<p>UCB: Match
UCLA: Match (in)
USC: In</p>

<p>Woah, matches at UCB and UCLA with my GPA? What do you think about Cornell?</p>

<p>Not much, can't help you there.</p>

<p>But I do think with a solid essay and your excellent test score, as well as with the EC's, you should be able to overcome a slightly low GPA.</p>

<p>Wait... You said in an earlier post that you're from Idaho. How much do you know about admission to the UCs?</p>

<p>Just giving you my opinion based on books, personal accounts and statistics from those schools.</p>

<p>I'm by no means an expert, that's why I prefaced my comments with "just my humble opinion."</p>

<p>Is your high school GPA weighted? If so, It's on the low side for schools like UCLA and UCB. For UCLA and UCB your extracuriculars are a little weak unless you have some special awards and things from academic decathalon. Your SAT's and Class rank are good. I am not fabulous at this but I also will be applying to these schools next year. I would say
UCB: reach
UCLA: slight reach
UCSD: Match
UCSB: safe match</p>

<p>But this is just my opinion, again I am not as informed as some other posters.</p>

<p>Okay... One poster tells me that I'm basically in at all schools but UCB and UCLA and another tells me that UCSB (which I thought was a safety) is only a safe match. Blllehhh... Help me. More comments please.</p>

<p>keep in mind that these people are kids like u who are not in an admissions board and are trying their best to give a rough estimate.</p>

<p>Yea... I understand that. That's why I'd like to get as many responses as possible to see if a general consensus can be reached. Any more comments?</p>


<p>Back to the poster's chances:
UCB- Reach
UCLA- Reach
UCSD- Match/Reach
UCI- Match/Safety
UCSB- Safety
UCR- Safety

<p>The thing is that while the UC system is highly numbers based, the admissions process is extremely random. I know of two kids, one who had a 1580, 3.8 UW GPA, tons of EC's and got rejected from Berkeley and then another who had around a 1350, 3.5 GPA, and a few EC's and got in. It really is a crap shoot. Best of luck to ya though!</p>

<p>Um. because your SAT scores are good, and you're from Cali, this is more like your chances:</p>

<p>UCB: In
USC: In</p>

<p>Heh, I wish...</p>


<p>You still remember what I said in your previous thread, right?</p>

<p>For some reason, you seem to have a reputation for being a little too optimistic in your responses to chances threads, flopsy... I want some more feedback.</p>

<p>Dude, no one here is going to be 100% sure of whether you're getting in or not. Just apply and see what happens, we're simply attempting to give our baseless opinions on your chances of being accepted.</p>

<p>This is my opinion, and everyone knows my opinion is always right:</p>

<p>UCLA: Absolutely not
UCB: Absolutely not
UCSD: You've got a half decent chance
UCI: Yes
UCR: Yes
USC: Yes</p>

<p>You're in at USC.</p>

<p>everyone rates ucla easier than ucb, in actuality it was harder last year, ucb gives a better overview of the person than ucla, plus in state people with 4.0s frequently get in with 1300's
some people are to pessimistic about the uc's</p>

<p>So... Would this be the general consensus for my chances at all the schools I'm applying to?</p>

<p>Super Reaches: University of Chicago, Cornell
Reaches: Berkeley, UCLA
Reach/Match: UCSD
Matches: USC, University of Texas
Safe Matches: UCI, UCSB
Safety: UCR</p>