UCs (especially Berkeley and LA)

<p>Class percentile: 18 of 401
SAT I: 1400
SAT II: Writing-690
Math 2c-730
Biology E-700</p>

Biology 5
English Language and Composition 3
US History 3</p>

<p>APs to be taken:
European History
Calculus BC
Spanish Language</p>

<p>Community Service: 300 hours</p>

<p>Clubs (year):
Future Business Leaders of America (12)
Engineering Club (11)
Science Club (11)
Scholarship Awareness (12)</p>

Waterpolo (9,10, 12)
Swimming (10, 12)
Japanese school (9, 10)
Shorinji Martial Arts (9, 10)</p>

<p>Some Awards:
Golden State Award Biology, Geometry and Algebra
Most Defensive Player
Who's Who Recognition
National Honor's Society Recognition
High Honor Roll</p>

<p>-How much did I screw up high school??? My dream place is berkeley in the haas school of business...</p>

<p>what an idiot. i forgot GPA lol. </p>

<p>UC GPA=4.19444444444</p>

<p>normal GPA: 3.97</p>

<p>Good chance of getting in at UCB.</p>

<p>sry. US History AP grade was a 4 not a 3....</p>


<p>UCLA: Match
UCB: Match
UCSD: Safe Match
All other UCs: Super Safety</p>

<p>thank you flopsy, but can anyone else critic me?</p>