UCs require High school Transcripts?

<p>Do UCs require High School Transcripts for Junior Transfers? If so, could you please link it, I can't seem to find the website.</p>

<p>PS. Does Berkeley require 2 SAT Subject Tests for junior transfers? The website is hard to find, but I remember reading somewhere that "All applicants are required to turn in 2 SAT subject Tests" I don't know if that applied to Freshmen only since I can't find it anywhere in the transfer section of their website.</p>

<p>Thank You in advance ^^</p>

<p>Yes UC's do require High School transcripts. For graduating from high school purposes. </p>

<p>No SAT scores required</p>

<p>UCLA didn't ask me for my HS transcript. I think this is because I used an AP test for the foreign language and a CCC course for the American History & Institutions (AH&I) requirement. Language and AH&I would be the main reasons why they want to see it.</p>

<p>The UC's do require high school transcripts for transfers, but the grades don't matter. They're only important to prove that you graduated from high school and to show that you've done a certain amount of a foreign language. << whether completed in high school college, or both.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice everyone, but
Are you guys sure that Berkeley doesn't require 2 SAT Subject Tests for transfer students?</p>

<p>Berkeley does not require ANY SAT or ACT testing for transfers.</p>

<p>the UC's do not require high school transcripts IF you are IGETC certified.</p>

<p>AJdavidson is wrong. </p>

<p>I'm a UCSD transfer. They asked for my IGETC certification AND high school transcripts.</p>

<p>I believe it depends on whether there is something from your High School that you are using to satisfy a requirement (i.e. Language requirement). </p>

<p>I was never required to submit my HS transcripts as a Junior Transfer.</p>

<p>UCLA explicitly told me they do not require my high school transcripts because, like ^matchcutto said, I did not use them to satisfy the foreign language requirement like many people do.</p>

<p>so i guess ucsd is the one of those UCs that have to bother you by making us send in HS transcripts even if you dont need it to satisfy a foreign language...</p>

<p>well then ucsd is retarded the only reason to see your high school transcripts is to see if you did the language req, which HAS to be done to get IGETC. </p>

<p>UCSB was smart enough to not require such an unnecessary document</p>

<p>When I initially SIR'd to Berkeley, I called the admissions office and told them that my internship hours conflicted with my high school's office hours and I was unsure if I could get my transcripts in on time. They literally just told me "Transcripts are only required for freshman, just get in your college transcripts and you won't be rescinded."</p>

<p>Maybe it's because I'm a UC-UC student and my UCSC information states that I met the AH requirement, but I called the next day to verify and they told me the same thing when I didn't even tell them my student ID (they didn't know I was from a UC or who I was).</p>