<p>I have been offered early admission to UCSB and UCR and I’m strongly considering both of these schools. I was rejected for early admit by UCSD and UCI but I still think its a possibility to get in the winter when the admission letters come out.
Right now I’m just trying to decide where I would want to go consider I dont get into UCSD and UCI, and honestly its hard for me to choose between Santa Barbara and Riverside. Ive been to both schools, and UCSB has a great location and pretty good academics too, Riverside is in a location that I dont like as much although the campus is much nicer than UCSB. Any thoughts? I dont have to make a decision for a while but I’m sure its going to be hard.</p>

<p>What majors are you interested in? </p>

<p>R would be much easier academically. Socially, it is much more of a commuter school -- mighty quiet on the weekends.</p>

<p>Thanks for responding. I applied as a biology major and I dont want to go anywhere that doesnt challenge me, that being said I dont think UCSB and UCR would be very challenging in that field but theyre both good schools, and I think social life at UCSB would be awesome, although theres definitely social stuff at UCR.</p>

<p>UC Riverside is way better than UCSB in the sciences, engineering and math majors, while UCSB is better than UCR in Social Sciences. If you plan to go on to Medical School, or Grad school, I would endorce UC Riverside.</p>