***UCSB CCS 2021 Discussion/Results***

Hi everyone, I figured I would put up a thread for those of us who applied to UCSB’s College of Creative Studies. Post any comments, questions, concerns, and the results of your application once actual decisions come out. I applied to the mathematics program after I was invited to by email.

If I’m accepted to UCSB, will I be able to apply to CCS once I’m there? I didn’t know about it until recently

Yes, you can apply as a freshman. I don’t know anything about the chances of admittance.

what kind of grades/scores are invited to apply to CCS? Without identifying yourself, would folks (who got an invite)
be willing to share their scores?

@KrisScott I think at least part of the CCS acceptance criteria is accomplishments or demonstrated interest in the subject you’ll be studying/researching in CCS. We know one kid who got in who had a 2300+ SAT, had an app or 2 published in the App Store, and I’m sure a high GPA.

We know a kid who was accepted to CCS Computing as a freshman. I don’t know anything about his GPA or scores, but he was very accomplished in computer security and did research in that while still in HS.

Does anyone know when CCS decisions are expected to be announced?

Now that UCSB decisions are out, does anyone know when CCS decisions come out?

My son’s portal says his major is CCS Physics, but it also says “Our records indicate that you applied for the Physics major in the College of Creative Studies. The College of Creative Studies will notify you separately about your admission to their program. If you have questions regarding your College of Creative Studies application you may call (805) 893-4146. If you are not accepted by the College of Creative Studies, you will have the opportunity to select a major within the College of Letters and Science from those listed on the Major Changes page.”

Does a rejection from the College of Engineering disqualify an application to CCS, or are they independent? Hanging on to a slim reed of hope for my son.

@Ynotgo That’s what mine says too, under my major, it says Computing for CCS.

@elkieschoof You said on the main UCSB thread that “Girlfriend just got into biology CCS.” How did she find out?

@Ynotgo She got an email from the head of the department.

@PadreDeTres An outright rejection to UCSB would disqualify an applicant for CCS, but if they were admitted under a different major than what they put for CCS it doesn’t matter

Unfortunately both first and second choice majors were in COE, not L&S. So, flat rejection today.

CCS Physics is my son’s first choice. He got into his second choice Physics L&S with Honors. We’re very happy and fortunate that he got into UCSB, but wondering if he should be considering UCLA and UCB instead now that he didn’t get into CCS. Anyone know how hard is it to get into CCS during your freshman year? Any thoughts on how UCLA and UCB compare to UCSB for Physics? Thanks!

@dad2021 Is he already in at UCB? If so, possibly with Regents? UCB is excellent for physics along with UCSB. Having a program that gives priority registration can be really valuable at a UC. (Our son also plans to be a physics major.) I don’t have any knowledge about UCLA physics.

You can apply to CCS as a freshman, but I don’t know the chances.

@ynotgo yes, thanks. UCB is a great school. He’s very happy (and we feel fortune) with the choices he has. We’re going to visit the campuses and find out more. It’s just a little bittersweet b/c he really thought ccs was the perfect fit. He wants to get a Ph.d. and was really looking forward to the freedom CCS provides to take upper division classes.

He could call the number on the acceptance letter and ask some questions. Do they only accept enough to fill the class? Or do they know their estimated yield and accept more based on that? That might give him an idea and they might be willing to say how close to accepted he came. I don’t know.

Son received an email a bit after midnight indicating acceptance to CCS. The email was signed by the Interim Dean.
The initial acceptance via UCSB portal indicated acceptance to Honors in L&S without mention of CCS.

My D received acceptance email into CCS Physics, dated 3/22, time stamp just after midnight. This is currently her top choice, but we will visit to confirm. She was invited to apply to CCS in mid-Feb and found out about UCSB Regents shortly after, so that is probably why (indicated major of Physics on normal application).