UCSB Chances

<p>3.85 UC GPA
1420 SAT
700/710/690 SAT 2
4 AP classes by graduaion
California Resident</p>

<p>ECs (very sports based)
-Varsity Football 2 years starting reciever. (For those of you who havent played varsity football, it is extremely time consuming)
-Baseball 2 years (fresh and soph).
-Varsity Track 2 years.
-Summer basketball camp at local Community College for 3 consecutive summers, coached by a former pro player.
-Have a job as an umpire at a local baseball league.
-Worked a winter at Sport Chalet.
Helped coach youth baseball team.</p>

<p>id say ur in easy, no prob</p>

<p>do u guys reckon i have a good shot at SD, Berk, and LA?</p>

<p>cal and la are a reach. You have a shot at sd.</p>