UCSB Fall 2021 Transfer Tread

we still have an entire month left… I can’t do this

They are coming out today …

waitlisted here…

how long does decisions come out for people that got waitlisted?

I got waitlisted as well. I think it says after June 1st not sure thouh

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accepted for cultural anthro!
are you guys in the other thread??

Found it thank you!

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other thread?

For anyone waiting on a waitlist decision, I got accepted this afternoon! Now I have to decide between there and UCI

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Congratulations!!! I am waiting on a waitlist decision and IF I make if off the waitlist I too will have to decide between UCI vs. UCSB. Which way are you leaning and if you don’t mind sharing… why?

I also get off wait list this week, but still waiting for cal’s waitlist decision.