UCSB Fall 2021 Transfer Tread

I want to start a thread for those of us hoping for transfer admission to UCSB for the Fall 2021. It would be great to share-
Local or non-local:
College Applied:
Any other helpful information or question…

Major: Economics/Accounting
GPA: 3.8
Non-local/Orange County
Colleges: UCSB(tag), UCLA, UCSD, SDSU
Accepted: University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Chapman

Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.93 (41 Units complete. 24 units this semester)
Local or non-local: Local (CCC)
College Applied: UCSB (Tag), UCLA, UCB, UCSD, USC (Trojan Transfer Plan), Vanderbilt, Northwestern, U Chicago, Cornell, Columbia, Notre Dame, Brown, Penn, and Georgetown.
Accepted : Tulane
Any other helpful information or question…

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CCC Transfer
Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.53
College Applied: UCSB (tag), UCSD, UCD, UCI, etc.

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are you a local transfer?

Wow, those are some amazing colleges! Keep us posted on your admission progress!

Major: English
GPA: 3.54
Local or non-local: in-state, CCC transfer
College Applied: UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCI, UCR, USC


Major: Economics (Applied history as second choice)
GPA: 3.54
In State UC Student applying from UCSC
Applied To: UCSB, UCLA, UCSD, UCB, UCI, UCSD, LMU, USD - haven’t heard back from any :frowning:
Hoping to find a new environment, ideally UCSB!! I didn’t reallly indícate why I needed to transfer on my application but I’m still hopeful! Seems like this was a mistake but it’s whatever. I’ve heard there are a lot of transfer applicants this year. My GPA is above the TAG and I will finish all major pre-reqs by spring. Not really sure how applying from another UC affects my application. Really hoping I end up in Isla Vista in 2021!! Best of luck to my fellow applicants!! Stay sane and healthy!!!

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My daughter is a CCC transfer (San Diego area)
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
GPA: 3.57
Worked part time while in school
Applied to UCI (TAG), UCD, UCSB, UCR, UCSC, Univ Nevada Reno (UNR)
Accepted: UNR

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I just checked my portal and noted our decision day will be April 21!! It kinda feels good to know a date, so thank you UCSB…


Major: Communications
GPA: 3.8
Local or non-local: Non-local, CCC transfer
College Applied: UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCI (tag), USC
Accepted: CSULB, CPP, CSUF (Fullerton)

Trying to breathe some life into this thread as decisions come out in a few weeks.

Major: Statistics & Data Science
GPA: 3.9
Will complete associates degrees for mathematics and computer science by end of spring semester.
CA resident but non-local
CCC transfer

Applied: UCSB, UCI, UCD, UCSD, UCLA, UCB, Cal Poly Slo, SDSU, Cal Poly Pomona
Accepted: Cal Poly Pomona
Waitlisted: Cal Poly Slo, SDSU

Pretty nervous just based on the decisions I’ve received so far, looks like it’s extremely competitive this year.

This has been my dream school for a long time now and getting denied last year for a freshman spot I decided to go to CCC for a year and transfer.

Major: Environmental Studies
GPA: 4.0
CA Resident but not local to Santa Barbara
CCC Transfer
IGETC: Will be finished this semester
Colleges Applied: SDSU, CalPolySLO, UCSB, UCLA, UCI, UCSD
Accepted: SDSU, CalPolySLO

You’ll probably be denied again, as the vast majority of transfer admits come from CCC who have completed at least 60 semester units.

Do another year at your CCC (and continue to do well), complete IGETC and all your major’s prerequisites, then TAG UCSB.

Sorry I should’ve specified when I said I was a one year transfer but luckily I took many AP Credits, Dual Enrollment, and Summer / Winter quarters to bring my credits up to around 68 semester units.

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Excellent. UCSB is my D21’s dream school as well. She got into a couple of UCs, but not SB. She will do the honors program at our local CCC, then TAG SB in 2023.

Good luck!

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Major: Biopsychology
TAG: yes
GPA: cc GPA 4.0, ucla gpa 3.73
Local or nonlocal: CA resident, not from Santa Barbara
College applied: UCSB, University of Washington, University of Oregon
Accepted: UO
Waiting on UCSB and UW
Comments: I am going to be a junior transfer, I spent my first year at ucla then my second year at a community college so I could tag

Why did you leave UCLA? Curious, as this is typically a more sought after school than UCSB.

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It is a great school, however, I just was not for me!

Hello all!!
Major: Sociology
GPA: transferring with 3.9 GPA
I Tagged to UCSB
Pre-reqs: Done
Local: yes
Leaderships positions: Yes
Other schools: SDSU (accepted), UCSB (TAG), UCB, UCI, UCLA, UCSD, UCD, plus some ivy schools all pending. Cal poly waitlisted.