UCSB Fall 2021 Transfer Tread

Hi Transfer Family!

Major: History
GPA: 3.88 / 4.0 major coursework
Local or non-local: Local but not to SB
College Applied: UCSB (no tag), UCLA, UC Berkeley, Pomona, USC
Waitlist: Pomona
Accepted: Pepperdine
Non-traditional, adult re-entry

Anyone know if it possible to do a self-guided tour at UCSB? I will be in the area and would love to get a feel for the campus.

Walking around campus shouldn’t be a problem

Walking around campus shouldn’t be a problem!

Hi everyone! I am new here but wanted to share my info with you! Hopefully we start to hear back soon!
Major: Communications
GPA: 4.0 (finishing my IGETC and 60 units this semester)
I am currently living in San Diego
College Applied: UCSB, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, CSUSM, Cal Poly SLO
Accepted: CSUSM
Denied: Cal Poly SLO
This is my number one school so I really hope to get in! I applied for TAG but from my projected class list at the time I only had 59.46 units… I did fix it after for my regular applications but I couldnt alter my TAG


Hi all, I was wondering if you guys knew if TAG admissions for UCSB will come out on April 21st. I see this date as the common decision date on many boards. Wondering if this was for regular decisions or TAG? Thanks.

That date is for both regular and TAG. Tag decisions are released on the same day for UCSB

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Thank you UCSB for the definitive release date and time!


I’m so grateful. That kind of coordination from a UC admissions office seems difficult. This also gives me confidence in Ms. Sun’s source of UC notification days.

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The alert gave me a bit of a heart attack as I thought it was actual decisions… lol but I am glad to have an official date now!


Anyone else just get a text from UCSB admissions saying decisions will be available on the 21st? Nice that they are so transparent with us about their admissions timeline.


I didn’t receive a text. I’m kind of surprised they even send texts lol

Yeah haha I was surprised too especially since they didn’t say they were UCSB admissions in the message so I didn’t know who it was from at first. They just said decisions will be available on the 21st and linked a tutorial on how to set up their portal but I was scared that I was getting phished in the beginning lol

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Hahahha same… UCSB actually cares about the mental health of their applicants, I appreciate that


Same! I thought it could be them based on the date given. Glad it was not a scam. The stress is real around here.


We are getting closer to the release date and I got butterflies :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:




NEXT WEEK! :grimacing:
I feel nervous now…

UCSB forgot their countdown Instagram post today and I’m very upset.

I literally have a countdown app on my phone just to have like less anxiety about decisions lol.
I didn’t know they had an instagram post

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