UCSB Fall 2021 Transfer Tread

My son is an economics major as well who currently is finishing up so that he can transfer from his community college which is here in Santa Clarita.
He got admitted into Cal state Long Beach and CSUN two out of the three Cal states that he applied to. And he’s waiting to hear from Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Davis, UCLA, and UCSD.

My plan:
Stay up super late on cc and social media tuesday night
Hopefully wake up closer to 3 so I dont have to wait any longer for decisions!


I’m stealing this thank you.

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lmao i’m literally scheduled to get a root canal at the time decisions are released.

Tomorrow is the day! Good luck everyone, I know we will all get in.


casually watching decision reaction videos as I wait… I cant tell if this is helping or if its torture :woman_shrugging:


25 hours left :grimacing:

Definitely torture, although I tried to convince myself I was doing it to familiarize myself with the portals and work out my clicking strategy.


we are getting closer! I hope to hear from you all as we get closer to 3:00!!! I know I will be on here and the discord as much as possible haha

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Is there a discord? :slight_smile:



Well everyone, it is officially the day!!! I hope we all get in! Passing good vibes all around today :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart:


Surprised this thread is so dead right before the decisions, but good luck all!

Econ Major, 3.94 GPA
ECs, VP in club, Officer in another, Honors society, pretty average
Essays, meh 8/10
IGETC done by end of semester, pretty sure my pre-reqs are done
not local, coming from San Diego CC
technically not California resident

Accepted to SDSU
Waiting on UMiami, NYU, USC, UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCSD
Rejected from Cal Poly SLO


I think it’ll pick up once decisions are out and people post their stats for 2022 transfers. I’m glad it’s not flooded with speculation. The UCLA thread is going to be a lot to sift through next year.

Edit: From the applicant portal.

This closure began on 04/19/2021 at 12:00 AM PST and will end on 04/21/2021 at 03:15 PM PST.

The PST may be a typo or we may get our decisions at 4:15 PM PDT. I’m assuming it’s a typo.


Threads of schools with confirmed dates are usually really quiet, but at least UCSB gave us a confirmed date lmao


not that it would make any difference now, but does UCSB do local impaction? I’m coming from SBCC and in high school, I was told that they give some priority to locals. I know they don’t look at essays when considering but will proximity matter?

I know sometimes schools do give priority to locals, when I was in HS we also had higher priority and a lower GPA requirement for a local cal state, but I don’t know if it also applies to CC transfers

I remember hearing something like that about SBCC, but I think you have to be apart of a specific program

Three hours until decisions, assuming that the portal means PST! :nauseated_face: