UCSB Fraternities

<p>Hey Everyone. I'm transferring to UCSB next year and was just wondering about fraternities..
Im seriously doubt I will join one because I don't really need help meeting girls, making friends, or partying but just for conversations sake, what are some of the better fraternities at UCSB. I've heard great thinks about Sigma Chi Omega and I like the fact that they are multi-cultural and big on brotherhood and have a good rep with girls. Well anyone have any thoughts or stories?</p>

<p>stop making all these threads. when you say "next year", do u mean fall 2011?
If so, you sound very paranoid</p>

<p>Hey Bagels, why dont you go fist yourself? lol jk
You do realize you aren't required to read all of everyone's threads right?
Maybe I mean this upcoming year which is the next year or maybe I mean Fall 2011 and I am extremeely paranoid. Either way, why do you care so much?</p>

<p>i dont care that much, but it would bring context to your questions</p>

<p>why are you asking all these questions if you aren't even incoming and assuming you will get in UCSB?</p>

<p>the multi-cultural fraternities isn't recognized by the school so there is no regulation on the pledging process ie. hazing. Not sure about brother hood but make sure you pick the right fraternity that fits your personality. Good Luck</p>