UCSB music major ?

<p>Hey, I new to the board ad was hoping someone on here could help me with a transfer question</p>

<p>I’m am planning to attend UCSB after completing my requirements at my community college. I want to major in Music (B.A.). The UCSB website states a transfer student cannot major in a Bachelor of Music (B.M) but doesn't say if you can major in the B.A. There website says the majors excluded are (Dance B.A.-B.F.A., Theatre (B.F.A.) and Music (B.M.), the Music (B.A.)
is not mentioned but the transfer courses are not listed on assist.org.
Does anyone know if you can transfer in to UCSB from a community college for a major in Music (B.A.). Thank for any help, Heath.</p>

<p>I do not know the answer to your question but the person you need to speak to is Adela Contreras, Undergrad Advisor, UCSB music.
mailto:<a href="mailto:acontreras@music.ucsb.edu">acontreras@music.ucsb.edu</a> 805-893-5672</p>

<p>she knows everything</p>

<p>I just emailed her. Thank you so much.</p>