UCSB Music??

<p>i applied to ucsb as a first choice communications major and second choice BM in violin performance i auditioned a couple of weeks ago and had a pretty good audition with favorable feedback from the professor but i also put that i would like to be considered for BA...when he asked me which one i preferred i said BM but that i also applied for communications and would like to double major
today i got an email saying that based on my audition the faculty decided that i would be more suited for a BA in music rather than BM
is this because my audition wasn't good enough or because i said i wanted to double major and put music as a second choice?
i'm getting so worried i applied to other prestigious music programs and just finished all my auditions and now i'm paranoid i won't get in anywhere!</p>

<p>We can't tell you the answer to that. You need to call them.</p>

<p>I would suspect the reason is because of your decision to double major. When we looked at their music program a couple of years ago, they discouraged double majors. They said it would be too difficult to get done in 4 years, except for voice majors. They probably believe you will be better off with a BA. I also recall them saying something about the fee structure for tuition changing once you hit a certain number of units ie more expensive..sorry I don't remember these details. (We really got the impression they do not want students hanging around for more than 4 years.) I agree you should call them.</p>