UCSB OOS chance

Hi, I’m a high school senior from Alaska. I applied to UCLA, UCSB, and UCB and I’m wondering what my chances are of getting in! Any help is greatly appreciated.
Gpa: 3.85 unweighted
ACT: 31
Essays: very strong
School: I’ve taken 5 AP classes during high school (my school only allows juniors and seniors to take them), fun fact I go to the most diverse high school in the nation :slight_smile:
Extracurriculars: student government - head of community involvement, varsity volleyball for 3 years, national honor society, mu alpha theta (national math organization), a LOT of community service (very strong passion of mine), girl’s state, cotillion, I went to Washington, DC for the first semester of my junior year for the U.S. Senate page program
Disclaimer: I know how expensive the UC schools are for OOS

UCLA/UCB: Low Reach
UCSB: Match