UCSB or SDSU for undergrad (data science/business)?

Hello there! I was recently accepted to both UCSB and SDSU and right now, they’re my top two choices! However, I’m having some difficulty picking which one I’d prefer.

For UCSB, I was accepted to the Data Science and Statistics program. While I’m average at STEM, I truly enjoy the subject of marketing and thought this program would be the closest fit. I love the campus of UCSB and the overall vibe, but I’m terrified I may drown in a STEM-heavy and computer science class.

SDSU does offer the major I want (marketing), but I feel like I may not enjoy being a student there as much. I could definitely learn to love it, but I’m hesitant as I’ve heard that the professors at the business school do not care for their students.

I really have no idea which one I’m going to pick and would love some advice from the CC community! Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day :))

Data Science and Statistics ain’t no marketing.
if you aren’t a STEM person, its not for you!

Yeah I agree that data science is really far from marketing, and if thats not something you are into you are not going to enjoy it. What you could do is try to request a major change at UCSB to something you are more interested in and see if they accept it. Economics, Economics and Accounting, and Communications could be majors you may be more interested in. Not sure if they would allow but it doesn’t hurt to try. The two majors are very different and if you are not able to change it, I would probably go with SDSU personally because I would rather enjoy my classes and have them useful for whatever I want to do later in life.

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Thank you for this, I think I really needed to hear it haha :))

This is really helpful, thanks a lot! Definitely will look into other majors at UCSB and see if there’s anything there :))

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