<p>I was accepted to both UCSB and UCI. I researched both schools and realized they are both equally ranked when it comes to my major(Psychology). Does anyone have any suggestions as to which is better or which i should attend?</p>

<p>visit both and get a sense of what it would be like to be a student at each (type of kids that attend, setting, social atmosphere, etc). Pick the one you like better.</p>

<p>Yes, they are so different. When touring UCSB, make sure you take time to look at Isla Vista, where most student's live when they live off campus. Stop and have lunch at one of the restaurants. You will either love it or hate it.</p>

<p>Also, maybe you can call the psych dept of each and sit in on a psych class to get a better idea.</p>

<p>Definitely visit both. I have been to UCI and I also have friends who go there so I can say that UCSB is much more social. Since you are going to be here for four years you really need to look into it. </p>

<p>I also got accepted to both but the atmosphere here at UCSB is a lot more relaxing and the setting is amazing so this is where I decided to go. They are both great schools so congratulations in being accepted!</p>

<p>I was told UCI is ranked higher in teh nation if that matters in your decision making</p>

<p>I like UCSB better.</p>

<p>...and theyre both ranked the same</p>

<p>They are pretty evenly matched academically, so I would make my decision based on which campus environment I liked better (location, student body, etc).</p>

<p>One notable difference between the campuses is that UCSB has a higher percentage of whites (60% white, 20% Asian), while UCI has more Asians (50% Asian, 30% white).</p>

<p>I don't know exactly what you want to do with psychology but Irvine is a better place to network. Santa Barbara is more secluded. Also, it depends what kind of person you are as well. Like someone above me said, if you go to Santa Barbara and have to live in Isla Vista you have to be prepared for a lot of parties and stuff like that and yeah. Both are really nice campuses though.</p>

<p>Ranking</a> & Distinctions :: UC Irvine TODAY</p>

<p>psych shows up A LOT.</p>

<p>literary criticism & theory (1), behavioral neuroscience (5), criminology (5), creative writing (6), healthcare management (9), organic chemistry (10), information systems (11), drama & theater (12), third-world literature (12), cognitive psychology (13), psychology – neurobiology & behavior (16), experimental psychology (19), gender and literature (19), cell biology/developmental biology (21), 19th- & 20th-century literature (22), English (22), psychology – cognitive science (22), business – part-time (24), chemistry (26), sociology (27), computer science (28), aerospace engineering (29), psychology (29), mechanical engineering (30), physics (30), civil engineering (31), biological sciences (34), environmental engineering (34), business – full-time (36), engineering (36), political science (36), biomedical engineering (40), economics (42), history (42), mathematics (43), materials science engineering (45), medicine – research (47), psychology & social behavior (47) and electrical engineering (49).</p>

<p>umm this is 2 year old thread o.o. UCSB>UCI every1 knows that :)..</p>

<p>ucsb is ranked higher
undergrad majors are not ranked , the only 2 programs that are ranked are engineering and business</p>

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