Hello! thank you for reading this post! i’m in a bit of a pickle right now. i was set on going to UCSB with a major in communications. HOWEVER, UCSD emailed me and told me that i got off the waitlist, also with a major in communications! which one should i go to now? i know all about the stereotypes of both colleges (i’m not really thinking about that) and that UCSD has a better ranking, but what about the major itself? I’m planning to major in communications and minor or double major in theater. I also know that UCSD is better at science, but i’m not planning on affiliating with science or math at all LOL. can someone please give me some insights about the majors other than science and math? How are your experiences at the university? THANK YOU!!

UCSD has a kickass theatre and dance department and awesome facilities, as well as the renowned La Jolla Playhouse housed in the campus Theatre District. I’d say the two schools’ communications departments are kind of a wash, though. The one criticism I have heard about UCSD Theatre and Dance is that the best opportunities (like those in Playhouse productions) go to grad students, not undergraduates.

If you are at all interested in the journalism side of communications, although UCSB does not have a journalism major, the student-run newspaper, the Daily Nexus, is award-winning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_Nexus

@DoctorP Oh I see! Do you know if it is difficult (or at all possible) to double major with theater and communications in SD? Also, do you go there? How was you experience?

I’m pretty sure it’s possible, although you should expect a more intense workload with any double major. I do go here and I love this school. The location is awesome and while everyone’s pretty chill you can almost taste their drive for success. 10/10 would recommend

@DoctorP wow! I’m glad you’re enjoying your experience! I got into marshall college, can you give me any information about it? (P.s. sorry for all of the questions)

@gloriaishungry83 I’m happy to answer all your questions lol I wouldn’t be on here otherwise :)) Marshall’s not bad at all. The dorms are kind of far from everything but their suite layout is pretty nice and social. The rooms are small though. The apartments have the best location on campus, and the college is getting a new dining hall for next year in addition to the awesome existing burrito shack. I’ve heard that DOC is a lot of reading and painful for anyone who doesn’t like social justice, but otherwise the GEs aren’t too bad.