UCSB or University of Arizona

May sounds like a no-brainer, however, my kid is stuck making a decision between UCSB and UofA because UCSB doesn’t have a business major, while UofA has a strong Business school (Eller).

Doing Math for 4 years is not a lot of fun when you’d like to concentrate on management and entrepreneurship. I’m simplifying of course, but at the end of the day, what would you choose and why? From academic stand-point, is choosing UCSB going to be the wrong path because they don’t have the Business Management program?

Thank you.

whichever is cheaper.

(In addition to Econ, which I personally prefer as it is a traditional liberal arts curriculum, SB offers several courses in management and accounting, so your kid can get close. It won’t hurt him/her from finding jobs.)

ucsb has an Econ + Accounting major, but no general business school. They do have a technology & management program but it isn’t a major https://tmp.ucsb.edu/academic-programs/undergraduate-certificate

It comes down to how important you think a business degree is. Plenty of kids enter business fields without one, a key strategy being internships while in collee.

Thank you for your response. UCSB will be more expensive. Although, we are in-state, we’ll be paying full in-state cost. This is definitely a considerable factor, but we are taking this responsibility on. As a parent, I prefer UCSB, and not because of the beautiful location, more because of the name, proximity to home, CA health insurance coverage, and I genuinely believe he’ll be happier at UCSB because of the social scene. But what do I know.
There’s also a factor that we’ve never been to Arizona, never seen the school, can’t tour it to get the vibe there.

Thank you for your input. It’s very helpful. Courses availability in management and accounting may sway the decision.

Being a manager myself who consistently looks at other people’s resumes, I do note which college they received their degree from. My knowledge is limited, but personally, I’d be more impressed with someone graduating from UCSB than UofA. Is that wrong?

Your point on strategizing on getting an appropriate internship opportunities is right on. Thank you!

Hi, we are actually going through the exact same decision. My son was accepted to both U of A and UCSB. He also wants to pursue a business major. Just curious want decision your son made and was there anything in particular that helped in that decision.