UCSB party question...

<p>is there a lot of marijuana at the parties in sb? or just mainly alcohol.?</p>

<p>theres lots of marijuana everywhere. its california</p>

<p>lol. not all of California....</p>

<p>if it's a big party it's mostly alcohol you see. yet you will see blunts and other stuff at the same party. the parties with lots of bongs are smaller, i'd say but can be just as common.</p>

<p>all in all, easy to avoid...</p>

<p>yes easy to avoid. </p>

<p>to the cali comment: maybe not in YOUR house, but i think its pretty dang common everywhere in cali. i mean.. ive been all over cali and have tons of friends north to south at different schools and different areas... its almost as common as cigarettes in most places</p>

<p>I'm not a drinker nor a smoker and I've gone to a few parties with friends. I mostly see just alcohol, I've seen two bongs in my entire time at UCSB. But its also matters on the type of people you hang out with.</p>

<p>to the cali comment --- Well I could say the same thing to you: maybe in YOUR house...</p>

<p>Who cares who's house? Weed is still way more prevalent in CA than, say, Nebraska.</p>

<p>EVERYTHIHG is more prevelent here than in nebraska... except maybe flat, open space...</p>

<p>ha i dont even smoke weed, good sir. in fact i dont like weed. sorry no bias here</p>