UCSB (Regents) vs UCI (Regents) vs UCSD vs UT Austin vs USD for Env Sci and Pre-Law

My daughter wants to do law. She wants to pursue env science and pol science as a double major in under grad. She has acceptances at UCSB, UCSD, UCI, UT austin and USD. The biggest value she sees in USD is flexibility and small class sizes with personalized care. Which of the universities are best for these majors? For law school, does the ranking of university matter?

She got Regeant scholarship at UCSB and UCI. Is it better to join those colleges vs UCSD without Regeant?

Law school - no. LSAT, GPA, and work experience (for many today).

She should go to the school she likes best - i.e. fit - and finances are a part of fit.

There’s no wrong choice.

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Not a meaningful difference

“Better” matters what suits her and your family budget. Who is paying for grad school? is there extra money for that?