UCSB Sports (girls)


<p>Are the softball and swimming team for girls at UCSB good? I would like to try out for them when I get there next year, but I haven't played softball for some time and I've never really swum as a sport before. Do I have any chances of getting on the team, cos' I love to play these sports! </p>


<p>Uh, UCSB is a Division 1 school so I would imagine that their sports are quite competitive and for serious athletes who have been practicing for years. </p>

<p>Is this a troll post? Because if you have "never swum" and haven't "played softball in a while", chances are you are nowhere near the level needed to compete and also lack the commitment required to play.</p>

<p>There are probably some club/intramural teams for people not as serious or good enough/just doing it for fun that you could join.</p>

<p>J.G. just wondering, is there intramural boys soccer for freshmen?</p>

<p>J.G, no this wasn't a "troll" post. I seriously was wondering and as I said, I haven't participated much in school sports so it's basically a foreign world to me. Thanks, though. I guess I'll go look into the intramural sports instead!</p>

<p>division I school; but always losing lol</p>

<p>As a Division I school, most of the intercollegiate athletes will either be recruited or have successful high school careers in those sports. For more casual competition, intramural sports will fit the bill:</p>

<p>University</a> of California, Santa Barbara - INTRAMURALS</p>

<p>And UCSB isn't always losing :) They're at the top of the Big West Conference currently:</p>

<p>Home</a> Page - bigwest.org</p>

<p>lol sorry
just im always reading the nexus and the loses</p>

<p>Well to be fair the baseball team is doing pretty bad this year.</p>

<p>Try playing on the intramural teams rather than the actual ones. BTW, I think I know you in real life hahaha. Does "Bollywood Dance Team" ring any bells?</p>