Ucsb sra 2021

Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone went to SRA last year, and if so, how was the experience? What did you like/dislike about it? I’ll tag some people from last year’s forum who got in…
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Hi there!
I did attend last years SRA program, and my project was about using AI to detect license plates. I definitely do think that online is no replacement for on-campus, but overall, it was pretty fun, albeit a lot of work (10 hours per day at its peak?)
If you have any more questions, let me know!

I was wondering what kind of professors/ mentors u got to work with? And what was a typical day at any point in the program?

Oh also, how much time did you invest in the courses you took as compared to the project itself?

Question for those who attended last year.
Were you able to do actual research in remote session? Can the research be used in science competitions?

Did anyone get their decision? My son got waitlisted.

any idea why they have you send in your first personal statement before sending the 5 supp questions? what were the 5 supplemental questions? thx!

Not sure, just started the application. What tracks are y’all doing?