UCSB Summer Research Academies - 2023

congrats! still waiting on the decision
i applied for 7/8 wbu?

Hello. I was wondering when you applied to the program?
Thank you.

hi guys, i submitted my application on feb 13 and i was waitlisted for track #2 :pray: does that mean i still have a chance of getting in if they still have spots? best of luck to everyone who’s applying!!

The organization asked me to submit additional information for my application, as I was rejected from Track 6 and Track 4 wanted more information. I think the available options for me to apply for alternatively were tracks 2, 5, 7 and 9 (which I assume haven’t filled their slots), so I certainly think there remains a possibility for you to be able to participate!

Im in track 10! good luck with your application!!

I submitted my application on the 8th and got my acceptance ~2 weeks after

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I think theres still a chance, i saw someone who got waitlisted but sent an email to the admissions office to show their interest and ended up getting in

Congratulations! My daughter applied for track 10 as well, but has not heard back yet. Would you feel comfortable sharing your credentials? I am trying to get sense of chances. Thank you

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just got into my second choice, track 7! still deciding whether or not i’ll attend, but is anyone else in the same track?

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congrats !! im in track 4, wbu

Do you know what the interview questions are of RMP?

Just found out I got into Track 4!!
Can’t wait to see you on campus!

Thank you and good luck to your daughter! i think what helped was that i am taking ap calc ab as a 9th grader and i have a background in CS

Hi, for students who are joining SRA this summer have you taken the commuter option or residential?

I was also waitlisted for the track I chose today
I was wondering if you got any confirmation, and if so, did you do anything?
thank you

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Were you waitlisted on both tracks 7 and 8? Hope you get off waitlist soon.

I am still waiting…I submitted only a week ago.

@IviesRus Hi! Since your son has attended SRA before, would you or your son happen to know/remember what day to day scheduling looked like at camp?

This is the best I can remember
8-9am Breakfast
9till10: Classes
Short break
10-1pm Classes
Lunch around 1pm
2pm till 4pm Classes
4-5 pm: GRIT talks
5-6pm: Team discussions
6pm- Free time/Dinner etc.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you! I appreciate it

Just found this thread. I’m accepted for Track 3 this year.