UCSB Summer Research Academies - 2023

Haven’t seen a thread for UCSB SRA '23 so I decided to make one! Got my acceptance letter a couple weeks ago and wanted to meet people who are going this summer or are applying :smile_cat:

Still waiting on my decision, though it’s only been about a week so it’s still fair game!
How long did it take your decision to arrive?

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Hello! I am going to apply soon. Haven’t started my essay yet. Will try to complete my application by next week. I am currently a sophomore. How about you?

Good luck! Hope you will receive acceptance very soon.

Got accepted to UCSB RMP! So maybe will see you around the campus? : D

good luck!! i got my decision a little after a week after i got the email saying my app was under review :slight_smile:

congrats omg!! i was going to apply to rmp aswell but then i got my acceptance for sra hehe, will def see u around!

good luck!! i’m also a sophomore :slight_smile:

applied as well! waiting for the decision. hopefully ill get accepted and see yall soon :slight_smile:

My son attended SRA in 2019, and my daughter was admitted last week. RMP is extremely competitive and I would expect out-of-state acceptance rates to be less than 3-4% and Cal-State to be a bit higher at about 10-15% (overall around 8-10%). SRA is probably around 20-25% but they have increased the number of tracks this year so I am expecting they are also increasing the number of places on offer.
No supplementary questions for SRA or RMP this year (after applying). The RMP interview is with the program director and she asks about 15 questions and gives about 20 mins of interview time.

Hey! So I applied for the SRA program a couple of days ago. I was wondering how long it took for your daughter to hear back from the admissions office? Thank you!

i got in, took about a week after i got the email saying that my app was under review!

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thank you!
when did you apply?

Exactly 15 days after the application was complete online.

2nd of Feb

thank you! congrats to your daughter!

I just got my acceptance letter today!! What track are you in?

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Congrats to everyone who got accepted! I am still working on my application. What a procrastinator! LOL

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haha thanks and good luck with your application!!